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As a company promoting fair journalism,
we understand—and in fact expect—concerns over
our ethics and biases

Corporate Governance and Ethical Standards

We know we’re asking you to put a lot of trust in us and our goodwill. That’s why we have adopted a policy of radical transparency, something you won’t find from any other company in the news industry. 

We aim to make as much info about us, our software, and our investors available as possible. To keep a competitive advantage, there is some information like source codes and trade secrets that we cannot release. However we still aim to release info about the general systems we use to rank or generate information.

Information about our funding will also be released periodically on this page. Due to legal provisions, we are not allowed to disclose investor information until after everything is signed. However we assure you, we will update this page with the most recent information as soon as we receive permission.

Corporate Operating Agreement:

A company’s operating agreement is the legal rules it, its shareholders, managers, and directors must adhere to. Failure to do so can result in lawsuit. Operating agreements determine how equity is handled, and who makes decisions in the company. Our operating agreement also contains a set of ethics standardized the company and its managers must abide by.


Timio News LLC operates with a dual purpose:

  1. Making profit for shareholders
  2. Promoting the public good

Timio News LLC will conduct lawful activities to further shareholder value, while ensuring that operations reflect our core values of fairness, objectivity, and ethical journalism.

Timio News LLC will pursue and balance both of these goals. At no point may Timio News LLC make decisions to intentionally favor interest groups within our software for financial gain, without conspicuous disclosures to consumers.

— TIMIO's Operating Agreement