We don’t create the news, we find it.

Our AI doesn’t generate articles.

Everything you see on the app is pulled from real news sites.

This is done through RSS feeds—feeds of stories publishers choose to send out.

All articles and media outlets in our database are treated equally by the algorithm. No one gets special treatment. 

We present the news evenly and let you decide what to believe.

What makes TIMIO different:

Live Algorithm Free

Most social, search, & news platforms use preference algorithms.

These algorithms collect your data to tailor your feed to your personal beliefs.

Two people can search the same thing and get very different results!

Timo ditches the algorithm and gives everyone the same result.

Alternate perspectives

With a single tap, TIMIO searches thousands of news articles for alternate viewpoints.

Our AI reads the story you are looking at, and suggests you stories in our database with opposing viewpoints.


At Timio we aim to stay as transparent as possible.

There are no hidden skeletons in our algorithm.

All our articles are collected through open source RSS scroller, NewsBlur.


Isn’t AI biased?

AIs are trained on human data, which is filled with our own natural biases. Our AI is only used to find articles with differing views, not generate them. Therefore any bias in the articles is from its human author. While its possible our AI could have slight biases when picking an article with a different view, TIMIO is far more objective than other platforms.

Other platforms use small groups of people to determine which news to show you, often with little information on how these decisions are being made.

How can I trust you?

In the near future, we will be listing our corporate by-laws and a complete list of all TIMIO’s investors. We are currently finishing some paperwork with new investors, we will have this information for you as soon as everything is finalized.

 The aggregation and ranking API we use is completely open-source, meaning you can open up the code yourself and see how it works. Our AI run’s off of Anthropic’s constitutional AI, Claude. Claude foundations are built with documents like the U.N declaration of human rights, and is widely known to be most ethical and accurate AI.

But you do have an algorithm, right?

Yes. technically TIMO does have an algorithm, like all code. At its basic level, an algorithm is just an automated way for code to complete tasks and sort content. TIMO’s ‘algorithm’ in this sense does nothing more than grab stories from popular news sites and display them. The articles that are picked come from the news publisher’s RSS feed, which is a live stream of articles the publisher has chosen to send out. We simply grab the news published by the most popular news sites and display it to you evenly.

When use an alternate perspective, the code sends the article information to OpenAI and asks GPT to find an article with a differing viewpoint. No funny business.

When we say “Algorithm” with a capital A, we are talking about preference and marketing algorithms. These algorithms analyze your data and use it to change your feed and search results. This is what’s behind the content that appears in your search results ‘For You’ pages, and ‘Recommendations.’