Who We Are

Hi I’m Josh, founder of Timio News LLC.

       Growing up in the digital era, I couldn’t help but notice the deterioration of journalism and news. In the mass of misinformation and bias surrounding 2020, I realized just how deep it runs. With the rise of AI, this is problem that is about to get worse. Today, anyone can make convincing images and recordings of world leaders–and text to video AI is right around the corner. Some are saying we’re now entering a Post-Truth era.

     This is why I founded TIMIO. 

     It is about time someone uses this new technology for good.   

      We’re on a mission to provide a source of truth, trust, and transparency in journalism. We do this by promising you an unfiltered feed and developing powerful AI tools.

    A big part of  TIMIO is transparency. To gain your trust, I’ve worked to make as much info about my app’s innerworkings available as possible. TIMIO’s AI is powered by Anthropic’s Claude and collect its articles with MIT’s open-source aggregator, NewsBlur. Corporate by-laws and investors will be published on here in the coming weeks as well. 

On censorship and moderation...

     There is a very big debate right now on how to handle misinformation online. Many argue that heavily moderating sources on digital platforms is a form of censorship. It gives a a handful of people a lot of power over all the information we read, and has the potential to silence unpopular speech.

However, others argue that platforms have a responsibility to hunt and remove false information. Digital platforms inadvertently promote rumors and falsehoods with real world consequences. Various platforms have tried both methodologies, with limited success. We’re trying to do the best of both worlds.

TIMIO will never censor articles.

We will leave all articles on the platform, however we will still point out misinformation when we see it. You’ll always be able to read controversial stories yourself to form your own opinion.

Who we aren’t

     It’s not our place to tell you what to think. TIMIO instead aims to portray each side of the story for you to judge. Likewise, we encourage you to research and even challenge insights by our AI. TIMIO is designed to find ideas, perspectives, and issues you may have missed.

We level the playing field, so you can decide.

The Future

All revenue is currently being put back into TIMIO’s development. 

      With more funding we can improve our AI, increase server speed, expand coverage, and add more features. TIMIO currently focuses on U.S news sites, however I would love to bring Timio to the international world.

Meet the team

Lead Developer - Siddarath Vats

       As Lead Developer at Timio, I specialize in harnessing cutting-edge technologies in data science and machine learning to revolutionize information delivery and analysis. With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University and extensive experience in AI-driven data analytics at Adani Green Energy Limited, I bring a deep understanding of large-scale data systems and advanced predictive modeling. My expertise in Python, SQL, and machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and LangChain plays a pivotal role in developing robust digital solutions that enhance user engagement and content personalization at Timio News. My work is driven by a passion for applying complex technical skills to real-world challenges, aiming to make data more accessible and actionable for diverse audiences.

Lead Designer - Abbie Ellermeier

       As a marketing major with an advertising minor at Southern Methodist University, I’ve cultivated a blend of academic excellence and creative flair, developed through years of passion for design. From a young age, I was drawn to the power of visual storytelling, a journey that has led me to gain practical experience in designing logos, business cards, and websites. My background enables me to bridge the gap between marketing strategies and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that each project not only captures attention but also encapsulates the essence of its brand

Campaign Manager - Justus Woods

        Justus Woods is a SMU senior, working towards his BBA in Marketing. At Timio, he spearheads strategic advertising and outreach initiatives, leveraging skills honed through leadership positions in on-campus organizations and his entrepreneurial venture, La Muse Scents, a candle company he founded. When he’s not scrolling on Timio, Justus enjoys running and listening to a wide variety of music, spanning from ’60s soul to glitchcore hyper-pop.