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This page contains early concepts, placeholders and features of the TIMIO app and its AI; they do not represent final products and will be improved before public release. By using this page, you agree not to share, save, replicate, reverse-engineer, or distribute any content on this page without permission from Timio News LLC

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Future directions:

With more time and funding, we could expand TIMIO even further

Fact-Checking Integration

Organizations like Snopes and Fact Check Insights keep databases of fact checking work. This data can be added to Torch’s knowledgebase, allowing it to identify and verify common fact-checked statements and figures.

Chrome Plug-In

We plan on bringing TIMIO to desktop, allowing users to use Torch on any website.

Statistical Analysis

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics” – Mark Twain

Torch can be trained on statistical analysis and visual representations of data to point out confounds and misleading charts. This technology can further be expanded to help analyze research papers.

Common Misconceptions

Data from Torch’s analysis and search engine trends can be combined to identify common misconceptions. TIMIO can use these to show users a list of the most popular articles with low levels of factuality.

Dynamic Icons

Machine-Learning algorithms and LLMs can be trained to identify articles with click-bait, missing sources, primary sources, conflicts of interest and more.

Our app can then label articles in our feed with icons, so users know what they’re getting into when they tap on an extravagant headliner. Each icon would be assigned a standardized meaning on TIMIO, provided in a description users see when they tap on it. 

For example, icons like these would be placed over articles you come across while scrolling:

Torch AI | Live Demo

Paste news articles or essays and Torch will analyze them for potential misinformation.

Torch additionally uses a database of Psychology research on heuristics to search for conscious and subconscious bias.

Our goal isn’t to tell you what to think, but to instead provide a tool you can use to guide you to your own conclusions, like a torch.



This demo is a simplified version of Torch for demonstration purposes and does not represent our flagship AI. 

By using this demo, you agree not  to share, disclose, reverse-engineer, or save information on this page  without permission from TIMIO.